Disposable Sticky Pad™ Electrodes for EMG/NCV

Rhythmlink’s full line of disposable surface electrodes are pre-gelled and specially formulated to perform specific functions. Choose from various sizes, leadwire lengths and colors.

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Our NCV Sticky Pads come in a variety of shapes and sizes from our Tab Electrodes to our Paired Ring Electrodes. We also offer a convenient kit that comes pre-packaged with different Sticky Pad options to save you time.

Sticky Pad Electrodes without leadwire can save you time by not having to disconnect at the amplifier and make it easier to adjust placement as needed.

Sticky Pad is a trademark of Rhythmlink International, LLC.

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Pads with Leadwire, Pads without Leadwire


Disc, Tab, Rings, Bars, Ground Pads, Combo Kit