Patents and Trademarks

Patents Held by Rhythmlink or Licensed through Partners

  • Guardian Needle Electrode, US Patent Nos. 10,932,683 and 11,690,549
  • Webb™ EEG Electrode; US Patent No. D644,738
  • Webb™ EEG Electrode; European Design Patent No. 001893751-0001
  • PressOn™ Electrode, US Patent Nos. 8112131, 8185183, 8271065, 8428681, 8538502, 8694070
  • PressOn™ Electrode, Chinese Patent No. CN101720202
  • PressOn™ Electrode, Japan Patent No. JP5226776
  • PressOn™ Electrode, European Patent No. EP2155056
  • EEG Net with Transmission Capabilities, US Patent Number 10,881,318
  • Slider Electrode, US Patent No. 8412303
  • Electrode Gun, US Patent No. 9855416
  • PressOn™ Button (2nd Generation), US Patent No. 9480412
  • Monopolar Stimulating Probe with Removable Handle, US Patent No. 8137285
  • Additional Patents Pending

Rhythmlink Trademarks

  • Rhythmlink is a registered trademark of Rhythmlink International, LLC.
  • Quick Connect System™, Sticky Pad™, Limelight™, LeadLock™, Slim Cup™, Deep Cup™ and Webb™ are trademarks of Rhythmlink International, LLC.
  • The appearance of the MR Quick Connect extension cable is a trademark of Rhythmlink International, LLC.

Partner Trademarks

  • PressOn™ is a trademark of Persyst Development Corporation
  • Ten20 and Nuprep are registered trademarks of Weaver and Co.
  • Dragonfly and Cobra are registered trademarks of Neurovision Medical Products
  • NeedleTape is a registered trademark of Marea Enterprises, Inc.
  • BraiNet is a registered trademark of Jordan Neuroscience, Inc.
  • Sightsaver is a trademark of Anschel Technology Inc.
  • SlideShaft is a registered trademark of Neural Pathways