Rhythmlink Template

A disposable elastic template designed to assist in fast and accurate placement of Rhythmlink’s Disposable EEG electrodes.

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The Rhythmlink Template is a disposable elastic template that fits over your patient's head to assist in fast and accurate placement of EEG electrodes!

The template is offered in several sizes depending on product type. Designed for universal applications, the standard template offers three varying sizes to ensure you always have the best fit for your patient. Our second option, designed for the ICU and Critical Care environment is offered in two sizes. Both varieties are labeled with common electrode placements, 16 for ICU and 21 for standard, to ensure a fast and accurate application of electrodes.

Rhythmlink's Disposable EEG Electrodes are the perfect companion, and we offer 10/20 labeling to match. Try combining our cup electrodes or Guardian Needle with a standard template today!

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Template Type

Standard EEG Template, ICU Template, Cup Electrodes, Needle Electrodes, Cups and Sticky Pads, Guardian Needle

Template Size

Small (48-55cm), Medium (55-60cm), Large (60-65cm), Small-Medium (45-55cm), Medium-Large (55-65cm), 24 Electrodes, 25 Electrodes, 15 Electrodes, 29 Electrodes

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