BrainHealth™ Headset

Rhythmlink’s BrainHealth Headset is the perfect EEG companion for ER, ICU and Critical Care environments.

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Rhythmlink's BrainHealth Headset includes an application guide, pre-loaded with 21 Rhythmlink PressOn™ EEGElectrodes. The headset is easy to apply, quick and efficient. Designed to be used by medical professionals already at bedside, meaning you get high quality EEG and cEEG recordings fast!

To apply, simply place the headset on the patient. Using the pre-determined locations, deploy the PressOn Electrodes - no skin prep required! - and remove the guide to record. To learn more about how to use the BrainHealth Headset, click here to watch our short training video. 

This product is provided sterile for Single Patient Use Only.

Weight 16 oz
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