Rhythmlink Announces Strategic Leadership Hire

April 19, 2024

Rhythmlink Announces Strategic Leadership Hire to Drive Next Phase of Advancement

Rhythmlink International is pleased to announce a significant update regarding our company's leadership, which came into effect April 1. Following careful consideration and thoughtful planning, Rhythmlink is delighted to introduce Paul Buckman as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and member of the Board of Directors at Rhythmlink.

Buckman brings over 30 years of experience in the medical device and life sciences sectors, including senior leadership roles at St. Jude Medical, Pathway Medical Technologies, and LivaNova PLC. Buckman’s impressive history of success, coupled with his strategic vision and innovative approach, positions him to lead Rhythmlink to new levels of achievement.

Shawn Regan, Co-founder of Rhythmlink, has assumed the role of Chairman of the Board, where he will continue to provide strategic guidance and mentorship to the organization. In addition, he will continue to be a significant investor in the company. Regan’s unwavering commitment and leadership have been key to Rhythmlink’s growth and success over the past 22 years. His significant contributions during his tenure as Co-founder and CEO have made a lasting impact on the culture of Rhythmlink as well as the neurodiagnostic industry.

“I’m delighted with my new role and looking forward to working with Paul as this change in leadership marks an exciting new chapter for Rhythmlink,” said Regan. “Under Paul’s guidance as CEO, we will continue to build upon our existing strengths in the ever-evolving neurodiagnostic space. The opportunities for Rhythmlink are numerous and I’m excited to see our continued growth while we extend our focus and dedication to providing the highest level of customer service and improving patient care.”