A COVID-19 Update from Our CEO, Shawn Regan

May 21, 2020

To you from our Rhythmlink family,

Each day continues to bring new challenges and solutions to keep our communities healthy and safe. Rhythmlink has been working diligently to support our staff, our customers, and most importantly, your patients, during the COVID-19 crisis.

As elective procedures begin ramping back up at your facility or in your communities, rest assured Rhythmlink will continue to be here to support you.

Rhythmlink has and will continue to have products available for your EEG, cEEG, LTEM, IONM, PSG, and other affiliated patient activities. We have remained open and will continue to develop, manufacture and ship products during the COVID-19 crisis. Despite challenges, we have been working hard to keep production levels steady, and to avoid service interruptions. We will have your products available when you need them, whether that’s today, tomorrow, or months from now.

Additionally, Rhythmlink has looked for ways to support our medical communities. We are donating masks and other PPE as frequently as we are able to do so, and partnering with other companies to support PPE production, while still maintaining our own production of other very necessary medical devices. Regarding COVID-19 in particular, we have explored multiple ideas and wearable devices which could be used to track and monitor COVID-19 outbreaks and to help give an early warning signal to populations at higher risk of contracting the disease. We are awaiting word from several government grants related to COVID-19 that will allow us to co-develop and commercialize the technology.

Our office staff continues to work from home, supporting social distancing and minimizing risk to our employees who are in the warehouse packing and fulfilling your orders each day. In addition, Rhythmlink expanded our benefits to include flexible shifts and unlimited paid sick leave to anyone on our staff who needs it for themselves or their family members.

Financially, Rhythmlink is secure, and we know that a rebound to our markets and the general economy is coming. That said, many industries including ours are experiencing reduced revenues and turning to staff layoffs to keep afloat. Rhythmlink will not be doing this. I’m proud to say that no Rhythmlink employees have been laid off due to COVID-19, and there are no plans to do so.

Our employees are one of our greatest assets, and we will continue to do everything we can to support them, so they in turn can support you, your service and the healthcare industry.

I assure you that Rhythmlink is your partner in this, ready and dedicated as we always have been to help you improve patient care.

We know you rely on Rhythmlink and we want to help. If there are ways we can support you and your service right now, we want to know. The entire Rhythmlink family is here, working hard, and ready to assist you.


Shawn Regan, CEO
Rhythmlink International, LLC