• Another Year, Another Win for Best Places to Work in South Carolina!

    “We want to promote a great culture where our employees enjoy coming to work every day to help our customers and their patients. This award is one of the many ways we do that....”

    - Michael O'Leary, Rhythmlink COO

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  • Try the FDA Cleared MR Conditional/CT Quick Connect System today!

    The Quick Connect System™ is designed for quick and efficient disconnection and reconnection of electrodes without removal from the patient for MR or CT imaging. Fewer connection points means a more efficient workflow, plus simpler organization at bedside. See for yourself and click below!

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  • If our standard kits have left you wanting more, our new custom kitted cup electrodes are sure to please!

    New product numbers offer kits in 12, 26 or 30 slim and deep cup electrodes, even MR Conditional!. Check the Special Order sections of our website for more info, or click below!

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  • 2019 Online Product Catalog

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