Subdermal Needles

Rhythmlink’s Subdermal Needle Electrodes offer the quality you expect and deliver the patient comfort that you need.

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Rhythmlink's Subdermal Needle Electrodes offer the quality you expect and deliver the patient comfort that you need during a variety of procedures. Made of high-tensile strength stainless steel, cleared for both stimulating and recording, we've created a line of needles to meet your every need. Select from a variety of subdermal needle lengths and styles, leadwire colors and lengths, singles or pairs, you have flexibility to select the right set of needle electrodes for you.

Rhythmlink's Subdermal Needles are available in different needle lengths and types, leadwire colors and lengths.

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Weight 10 oz
Electrode Style

Single, Paired, Group

Leadwire Type

Single, Parallel, Twisted

Needle Shape

Straight, Bent, Corkscrew

Needle Size

7 mm, 13 mm, 19 mm, 22 mm, Corkscrew, 35° Angle

Color Group

6-Color Group 1, 12-Color, 6-Color Group 2, Paired Color Group 1, Paired Color Group 2, 5-Color Group 1, 5-Color Group 2, Paired Color Group 3, Paired Color Group 4, 5 Twist, 6 Twist, 4 Color Corkscrew, 6 Color Corkscrew, 2 Twist Corkscrew, 4 Twist Corkscrew, Single Color – Red, Single Color – White, Single Color – Green, Single Color Blue, Single Color – Black, Single Color – Yellow, Single Color – Grey, Single Color – Orange, Single Color – Brown, Single Color – Purple, Single Color – Light Blue, Single Color – Pink, Paired – Red and Black, Paired – White and Red, Paired – Black and Blue, Paired – White and Blue, Paired – Black and Yellow, Paired – White and Yellow, Paired – Black and Green, Paired – White and Green, Paired – Black and Orange, Paired – White and Orange, Paired – Black and Brown, Paired – White and Brown, Paired – Black and Purple, Paired – White and Purple, Paired – Black and Pink, Paired – White and Pink, Paired – Black and Grey, Paired – White and Grey, Paired – Black and Light Blue, Paired – White and Light Blue, Combo

Leadwire Length

1.0 m, 1.5 m, 2.0 m, 2.5 m, Combo

Number of Electrodes

3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 20, 24, 25