Disposable Surface Electrodes for EMG

Non-Sterile Disposable Surface Electrodes for EMG

Nikomed’s disposable ground electrodes have a high quality adhesive. Their innovative shape prevents twisting and delivers the greatest percentage of first time recordings. Works with Chalgren’s 256 series alligator clips, which have a 0.61 meter leadwire ending with a standard touch proof connector. (Sold separately.)

Technomed’s high quality range of Disposable Adhesive Surface Electrodes are specifically designed and approved for cutaneous recording and stimulation purposes.

Chalgren is now a part of Rhythmlink. We proudly own and distribute this and other Chalgren Products! 

Weight N/A

Ground, Recording


25 mm x 25 mm, 12 mm x 19 mm, N/A, 40 x 50 mm

Leadwire Length

N/A, 0.61 m Black, 0.61 m Red, 0.61 m Green, 1.0 m, 2.0 m


100, 1, 20

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