Invisa-Electrode™ (CT)

Want to keep collecting EEG data while a patient has a CT scan? Have you been looking for an electrode that shows no artifact during CT imaging? Rhythmlink has the answer for you with a full line of disposable artifact free CT electrodes. Available in Needles, as well as Slim Cup, Deep Cup, Webb™ and PressOn™ versions, our Invisa-Electrode™ line is the answer you are looking for.

Have the freedom to keep recording EEG during portable CT scans. Our artifact free CT electrodes offer the same superior EEG recording quality as our standard disposable electrodes, but can be left on the patient during a CT scan.

Our InvisaNeedles offer the same great quality you’ve come to expect from our standard disposable subdermal needles, but can remain on your patient while they have a CT scan that produces an artifact free CT image.

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Disposable InvisaSlim™ Cup Electrodes


    Product NumberCup SizeLead LengthQty
    CTC115 10mm 1.5mm 12

    Disposable InvisaDeep™ Cup Electrodes


      Product NumberCup SizeLead LengthQty
      CTDC115 10mm 1.5m 12

      Disposable InvisaWebb™ Electrodes


        Product NumberElectrode DiameterLead LengthQty
        CTW115 10mm 1.5m 12

        Disposable InvisaPressOn™ Electrodes


          Product NumberElectrode DiameterLead LengthQty
          CTP115 7mm 1.5m 5

          Disposable InvisaNeedles™

          5-Color Group 1

            Product NumberNeedle LengthLead LengthQty
            CTN115 13mm 1.5m 24
            CTN125 13mm 2.5m 24

            Special Order Disposable Invisa Electrodes

              Special Order Disposable InvisaDeep Cup Electrodes

                Product NumberCup SizeLead LengthQtySpecial Order
                CTDC2215 10mm 1.5 22 Yes
                CTDC2615 10mm 1.5 26 Yes
                • InvisaPressOn

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