BraiNet® templates are disposable, color-coded, elastic templates that slip easily onto the patient for quick electrode placement. The Original BraiNet is designed for all EEG monitoring, accruately indicating the 13 locations for electrode placement on the scalp. The 10/20 BraiNet indicates placements for full 10/20 application.

Color-coded and packaged for specific use with Original and 10/20 BraiNet's, Rhythmlink's Disposable EEG Electrodes and Disposable Subdermal Needles are the perfect companion for BraiNet templates.

Purchase full BraiNet kits [templates and electrodes] to ease the ordering process. The 10/20 BraiNet includes your choice of 24 color-coded Disposable EEG Electrodes or Disposable Subdermal Needle Electrodes and four Disposable Recording Sticky Pad Surface Electrodes.

BraiNet Jackbox Overlays are sturdy 11mm colored square "stick-ons" to customize your EEG Jackbox, matching the colors of the BraiNet and electrode wires without covering or obstructing the remaining ports.

For additional BraiNet products, including Sleep and Baby BraiNet templates, contact our Sales Team.

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    Original BraiNet

      Product NumberSizeQty
      100 45-54cm 1
      101 54-62cm 1

      10/20 BraiNet

        Product NumberSizeQty
        106 45-49cm 1
        107 49-54cm 1
        108 54-57cm 1
        109 57-62cm 1


        Original BraiNet

          Product NumberElectrode TypeLead LengthQty
          BNT100-1.0 Needle Electrodes, Color-coded 1.0m 1
          BNT130-1.0 Cup Electrodes, Color-coded 1.0m 1

          10/20 BraiNet

            Product NumberElectrode TypeLead Length
            BNT120-1.0 Needle Electrodes, Color-coded 1.0m
            BNT131-1.0 Cup Electrodes, Color-coded 1.0m


            Original BraiNet

              Product NumberSizeIncludesQty
              BNT110-STD-4554 45-54cm Subdermal Needles & Template 1
              BNT110-STD-5462 54-62cm Subdermal Needles & Template 1
              BNT130-STD-4554 45-54cm Disposable Cups & Template 1
              BNT130-STD-5462 54-62cm Disposable Cups & Template 1

              10/20 BraiNet

                Product NumberSizeIncludesQty
                BNT120-1020-4549 45-49cm Subdermal Needles & Template 1
                BNT120-1020-4954 49-54cm Subdermal Needles & Template 1
                BNT120-1020-5457 54-57cm Subdermal Needles & Template 1
                BNT120-1020-5762 57-62cm Subdermal Needles & Template 1


                  Original BraiNet

                    Product NumberDescriptionQty
                    BNT500 Jackbox Overlay 1

                    10/20 BraiNet

                      Product NumberDescriptionQty
                      BNT505 Jackbox Overlay 1
                      • Original BraiNet Jackbox Overlay
                      • 10/20 BraiNet Jackbox Overlay

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